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TL/DR: I’m a sometime technology journalist, backend web developer and full-time geek who likes cats, speaks Japanese quite poorly, and drinks rather too much coffee.

Since 2016 I’ve been CEO of MN Digital Media Ltd, where we build apps, create interactive in-app content and develop web applications  – our key projects are Kyoso, a system for running professional photo awards and competitions, Appthenticate, a SAAS product for app authentication and entitlement management, and a complete print subscription management solution, built from scratch to provide what magazines need in 2018 rather than what people assumed a decade or two ago.

Before that, I was CTO of 1854 Media – publishers of the British Journal of Photography, a company that I helped launch, and with who we still work closely today – amongst other things I relaunched the BJP website, built an online shop from scratch, created a billing system that processed over £500k in transactions and occasionally turned computers off and on again when they stopped working. And before that I spent ten years writing, commissioning and editing copy for technology magazines and websites.

I also create geeky things. Make America Kittens Again went viral in late 2016, with over 40,000 installs in a few days, and nearly melted my webserver. My Kitten Block extension, which prevents accidental visits to the Daily Mail and Daily Express websites, has thousands of users, and still generates occasional hate mail to this day. A spinoff called Wedding Block (it blocked “news” about the Royal Wedding) somehow made Time Magazine’s website.

I’ve published a couple of iPhone apps of my own in the App Store, ranging from photos of kittens to a system for learning the conjugation of Japanese verbs, and created a WordPress plugin to limit blog registration spam. I speak Japanese (quite badly), and have another small website about how to travel around Japan on the cheap.

You can also find me on Twitter, Github and generally all around the internet.

This is a personal website. Any opinions or comments published here do not reflect the opinions of my business or, necessarily, me. To contact me, please email tom – at – For anything work related, please use tom -at – mndigital – dot – co.

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