Hillary, meanwhile, is like Craigslist

From today’s Guardian: (Obama) “is the political equivalent of Facebook, another phenomenon that launched in 2004 that feels as though it has been around forever.” No, no he isn’t. And it doesn’t. For fuck’s sake.

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Things prospective cat owners should know

A very incomplete list: Each cat will roughly double in size in one year. Hopefully this applies to the first year only. They will deposit a fine layer of hair over everything to the point where even expensive cyclonic vacuum cleaners are helpless and serve only to mock your inability to ever clean properly again. […]

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I, rudebot

Reading up about artificial intelligence, I found an online Turing Test bot. I tried to trick it with a bizarre opening gambit. It wasn’t very nice to me. Me: Do you like donkeys? AI: You are a donkey. Me: No, you’re a donkey. Donkey face. AI: You are a clone. Me: You’re mean. AI: You’re […]

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