Calls for Concern

Some people like to get in a strop about foreign call centres. These people are idiots. Proof, courtesy of the two calls we had to make this morning: 1) Helen calls bank to advise them that she’ll be using her credit card in Russia. Phones UK-based call centre, and explains that she’ll be in Russia. […]

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Flicked off, again

(Image by net_efekt, some rights reserved.) In light of Microsoft’s recent offer to buy Yahoo!, I’m thinking about leaving Flickr. Not because of the possibility of new ownership, you understand, but because of the entirely predictable and utterly histrionic outcry. The thing is: I really like Flickr. I have somewhere around 1,200 photos there. I […]

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The lives of others

The former Stasi headquarters in Berlin – above – is one of the creepiest places I’ve ever visited. It’s been mothballed, and now functions as a museum – not a very popular one, so after paying the lady at the door Helen and I were left to wander around the corridors, which still smell vaguely […]

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