Month: June 2008

A fairy tale for modern times

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A spam comment left on, and now removed from, my work blog: Hello all I have a sweetheart. We profession closely in a large convention. She’s self-restrained, cute and somewhat shy. So once she fell in love with this provoke from the department next door. He was an pc maven. And just imagine, he turned out to be so shy that even if she approached him with some job or just for jocularity , he […]

Silver Lining

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I was a bit annoyed by the news that Heinz had chosen to pull a television advert following 200 particularly stupid complaints to the ASA. Apparently the complainants wrote (presumably in pencil, in a mixture of capital and lower-case letters, on the back of an old copy of the News of the World) that it was “offensive” and “inappropriate to see two men kissing”. A few even went for the “Will somebody please think of […]

Wheeeee! (Crunch, clatter, thud)

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Of the world’s first, and hopefully last, vertical looping waterslide, assembled in New Jersey’s “Action Park”: The Loop opened for exactly one month in 1985 before being shut down by New Jersey’s Advisory Board on Carnival Amusement Ride Safety (who knew such a board even existed?). Those who did ride the dubious Loop were lucky if they escaped without bloody noses or a serious back injury. The ride opened for a few days 10 years […]