Missed photo #13,947

Seen on the walk to work today: an LP lying in the gutter in Hither Green, titled “BBC Sound Effects: Even More Death and Horror”. Apparently it’s something of a rarity. Sadly we’re short a camera at work, so my D40 was locked in the office. D’oh. (Updated – took the camera home, and it […]

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No, don’t leave.. we have cake?

.. you’re looking for what now? No, er, no. No, we don’t have that. This is of course entirely my fault, but surprising nonetheless – turns out I’m now fifth on Google for the aforementioned search term (you probably don’t want to visit the four NSFW sites above me). And now by posting this I […]

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Cowboys and Indians

A recommendation: last night I switched on the TV half way through Rich Hall’s documentary “How the West was Lost” on BBC4. It was fantastic – a look at the frontier mythology and its importance in the American psyche as well as a timeline of western films and how they are informed by / reflect […]

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