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A question that didn't need asking

September 14th, 2008

Spotted this when flicking through the cable listings:

I could have made that documentary, and I bet my version would have been better. It would have consisted of the opening title, on black, followed by a second title card that read "No. For fuck's sake." Short, accurate, to the point.

2 Responses to “A question that didn't need asking”

davethelimey Says:

David Icke was the one who thought the politicians of the world were actually lizards, right?

So you actually economise on words further and omit "No".

You'd have to print "for fuck's sake" in big, readable letters, though.

Channel 5?

Tom Royal Says:

C5 it is. Video here:


Although, last night it was showing on Bravo – surely the 20p bargain bin in the pound shop that is multichannel television.

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