Helen snapped (what’s the moving-picture equivalent of snapping?) this video of Hunter on a camcorder I’m reviewing, and I’ve found myself entranced by Hunter’s CRAZY BIG EYES. For the full effect, watch it in splendiferous 1080i* High Def here on Vimeo.

Sorry about the weirdy crap cut at the end, by the way. It appears to be a side effect of the rather cheap video editing software included with the camera (and I’ve lost my copy of Premiere, sob).

* I know, I know. It can’t do 720p for some reason.

2 responses to “LOOK INTO MY EYES”

  1. handolio says:

    Cats are frikkin great, though, aren’t they?

  2. Tom Royal says:

    Yeah, I think so – and that’s despite the fact that we suffered not one, but two cat toilet failures yesterday (a new record). It’s hard to get mad at anything that decides to sit on your lap and purr for two hours at a time when the cold evenings draw in.

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