Month: January 2009

Less flare

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I really should learn to use a camera properly; you know, buy a book or something. Instead I’ve been slowly working things out over the years, which is satisfying but often frustrating in a “wish I’d known that when I was in…” kind of way. Case in point: lately I’ve been having problems with lens flare. Having attended a lovely wedding at which I was pretty much unable to photograph anyone inside because of the […]


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Photo: Oak Ridge, taken by Ed Clark for Life Magazine in 1945. Details here. Since visiting the Cold War Modern exhibit I’ve been looking for more information on the American National Exhibition held in Moscow in 1959. So far I’ve turned up depressingly little that I didn’t already know, but I did stumble back into Google’s Life Magazine archive. When it was launched a few months back I vaguely noted that this project sounded interesting. […]