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Crushing predictability

January 16th, 2009

Further to my bitter ramblings about the way that every news event is followed by crap articles explaining how Twitter saved the day, yesterday evening a plane ditched in the Hudson river. Today, with crushing predictability, we get the Twangles – first from The Guardian (check out the headline) then from the BBC's Rory Cellan-Jones, who amazingly found out about the crash at 21.45 thanks to the wonder of microblogging.

Great. Brilliant. Except that I found out a good hour earlier while waiting for a DLR train at Limehouse because it was already making the US news websites (picked it up on Gawker, followed it to MSNBC). Perhaps I should cough up a six hundred word article on this amazing new way to distribute news – you know, "news stories". They're a bit like tweets, but long enough to contain all the pertinent facts, correctly spelled and actually verified. Must. Inform. World.

Found in translation

January 12th, 2009

Courtesy of a Google Alert (link):

"Windows7的揭幕距微软上一代Vista系统面世已有2年时间,在此期间Vista一直恶评如潮,被大多数用户冠以 “灾难”的称谓。英国著名电脑杂志《ComputerActive》的汤姆•罗耶尔就表示,此前的Vista系统给微软公司带来了巨大的“公关灾难”,其 在发布的第一天就运行得很不顺利,因此Windows7必须具备绝佳的性能,才能赢得广大用户的认可。针对各界的质疑,微软英国的Windows主管约翰 •柯伦表示,在对Windows7的研发改进中,他们已经充分借鉴了Vista的经验教训,因此人们可以放心使用Windows7操作系统,而不用对之前 Vista存在的问题有所顾虑。"

Somewhere in there lies my name in Chinese, but I'm so ignorant I don't even know what Chinese language it is (Mandarin?), let alone which characters are mine. Life can be strange.

Victoria & Albert Museum

January 11th, 2009

V&A Statues

Went to the Victoria and Albert Museum to see the Cold War Modern exhibition (potted review: 40% great, 60% disappointing, about 200% overcrowded, now closed). No photography allowed in the exhibition, and no room to swing a camera even if you were allowed, but a good chance to snap some statues.

Good days

January 10th, 2009


Thursday was one of the good London days: it started with the view above, was followed by a great bit of publicity for the magazine and ended with dutch beer and discovering soup-filled dumplings at a great Taiwanese restaurant. Fantastic.

On the minus side, karma dictates that Monday will be a bad London day:I will almost certainly be rained on, stressed at work and assaulted by a drunken tramp. Ho hum.

My new mantra

January 10th, 2009

funny pictures of cats with captions