Month: November 2009

Lesson Learned: Paypal’s ‘Buyer Protection’ stinks

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Ah, Ebay. I’ve used it to buy and sell all kinds of low-value crap (old video games, more old video games, old camera lenses and so on) and all with no problems, but I suppose that had to come to an end at some point. But in any case, should something go wrong with an Ebay transaction, you’re protected by Paypal and its Protection for Buyers, right? Well, maybe – but in some cases it’s […]


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Early warning: expect some mild spoilers here. Earlier this year Helen and I paid a visit – or perhaps a pilgrimage – to the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo. One of the main exhibits was filled with information about a film I hadn’t at that point seen: Gake no ue no Ponyo. The exhibit was fascinating, with a special focus on the design and animation of the numerous wave and sea scenes in the film, and I […]

Squids in

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Panic over. This site, and all my email accounts, are now happily swimming along on a new hosting account with Laughing Squid Hosting.  If you need me, I’m back on Also, an added bonus: I get two spare MySQL databases to play with, so expect some pointless new tools to appear online shortly.

UPDATED – Email problems

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Update – my main email account is working again. After two email outages in a month, though, I’m moving my web and email hosting to a new company, so this website may disappear offline for a few hours at some point as it transfers. — Original Post: If you’re trying to email me then please use my work address. With brilliant timing, Fasthosts’ email service decided to fail for the second time in recent weeks […]