Month: May 2010

International Dumb Day 2010

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fuckwittery / geek

I may* be slightly over-grumpy on account of having a stinking cold that’s left me working on spreadsheets while cats shout at me every time I sneeze, but really, today does seem to have been blighted by some remarkable tech-related news. First, from the BBC: First human ‘infected with computer virus’. Or rather “researcher implants infected chip in own hand seeking publicity, gets it”. If I put a copy of back orifice on a USB […]

The Defenders

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geek / photos / politics

While waiting for the film to start yesterday we had a rifle through the south bank book market outside the NFT, and I came across this. It’s from early 1953 and contains one of Philip K Dick’s earliest published short stories – it’s listed seventh in my rather battered copy of Beyond Lies the Wub, which is a must-buy if you like his stuff. The cover art is by Ed Emshwiller. The story (or ‘novelet’, […]

Welcome to the Space Show (宇宙ショーへようこそ)

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geek / Japanese / reviews

Watching anime films in the UK is, by and large, a waiting game. If you speak little or no Japanese there’s the wait for films to be subtitled (or, if you’re unlucky, dubbed) and even once that’s completed any possible UK release tends to lag behind the US, which in turn lags behind Japan. Sometimes the only solution is to import region 3 DVDs at ludicrous cost. So when  you get a chance to see […]

In which Hunter predicts the election

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cats / fuckwittery

So, yeah, the election. Urgh. But there was one shining beacon of hope and joy: the first ever Hither Green CatPoll. We opened the custom-designed polling station at 10pm: And there was an early showing of interest from the electorate: As the evening dragged on, though, voter apathy struck. Ralph fell asleep in the kitchen sink, while Hunter couldn’t quite bring himself to decide: But eventually, after some encouragement to enter the booth, Hunter cast […]