Month: July 2010

Lewisham East Candidate Expenses

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You’ve probably seen Channel 4’s report on campaigning expenses, and Zac Goldsmith’s rather bizarre attempt to ignore every rule of media training in addressing the allegations made against his campaign. In any case, once he did finally turn to the matter at hand, one of Mr Goldsmith’s key arguments seems to be that the methods he used in his campaign – apportioning a percentage of costs for signs bearing his name and face to council […]

Ralph Cat is a Genius

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Photo: Ralph, with coursework. But not his coursework, obviously. A University Degree is a funny thing – a bit of paper that can, under some circumstances, make a difference to both one’s credibility and one’s bank account. But then all degrees – not to mention doctorates – are not created equal. Specifically, some are granted by accredited institutions. In the UK, the Education Reform Act of 1988 (section 214, here) dictates which institutions can legally […]

I really write like..

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If you’ve ventured into Twitter lately the chances are you’ve seen messages about I Write Like –  an amusing little website that analyses your writing and tells you which notable author comes closest in style. Well, I’ve fixed it. Here’s my more accurate version.

Mousebot, Part Three: Motors

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Armed with some plans and a bunch of miscellaneous parts, the first big challenge is to get Mousebot moving. The obvious answer would be to hook up two small DC motors to the Arduino’s digital output pins, then simply set those to HIGH to move it forward and LOW to stop. This has a couple of problems, though: there would be no way to reverse the motors, and so no way to steer the Mousebot, […]