Month: September 2010

Kittens vs the Daily Mail

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This is what the Daily Mail website now looks like on my computer. Let me explain. It’s hard to avoid the Daily Mail. Even if you’d never choose to buy a copy, links to its website are everywhere (except this post, obviously). Some are easy to spot and avoid, but when one is obfuscated by link shortening services – particularly common on Twitter, for obvious reasons – it’s all to easy to visit Mail Online […]

Hacked off by statistics

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Here’s an interesting story from the Press Association, today: One in five university students have hacked into computer systems, from using someone else’s online profile to breaching internet shopping accounts, a survey has found. The idea that “One in five university students have hacked into computer systems” is pretty remarkable. Of course there’s no indication given of what the survey means by “hack”, but even assuming it’s something vague, along the lines of “bypassed some […]

On Nokia

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Nokia, maker of mobile phones and annoying jingly tunes, held a big conference this week in London. I wasn’t invited. On the second day, HTC – previously the maker of truly mediocre Windows Mobile handsets and now crowned iPhone-killer-in-waiting – held its own conference just across town. I wasn’t invited to that, either, but I digress. In response to HTC’s conference Nokia sent some people to stand outside with balloons, and gave journalists sandwiches to […]

Extending battery life on the Aspire One A150

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I love my little Acer Aspire One laptop. It’s small, light, has a decent keyboard and because I picked it up for just £150 I’m quite happy to lug it around the world protected by only a jiffy bag and / or rolled up in a jacket. And, since I put Windows 7 on it, it runs all the software I need for work quite happily. There’s one problem, though: the battery. The A110 and […]

Mouse click event handling in Flash Actionscript 3 (AS3)

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When I first used Flash I learned to program Actionscript 2, and handling clicks on objects was easy: you could simply attach code to the movieclip or button. Today I had to do the same thing in Actionscript 3, and it’s all changed, so I thought I’d write the whole process down – from scratch, as it’s a handy first step for those new to ActionScript and Flash. Here’s how it works. First, you’ll need […]