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Meateasy, New Cross

January 20th, 2011

I don't know enough about food to claim the title "foodie", but I am a glutton. And as a glutton in South London, when I heard about a "meatwagon" selling awesome burgers somewhere in Peckham, I was pretty excited.

And then before I could get there, some bastard stole the wagon. Sigh. But good things come to those who dither uselessly in offices regretting missed opportunities to eat, and today the Meatwagon team can be found, temporarily at least, just down the road above a pub in New Cross – the "Meateasy". One sent email suggesting a trip later and about a dozen of us descended on the place last night. And here it is, in slightly-pretentious photo form (sorry, reviewing another camera):


The description "above a pub" doesn't really do the location justice- on arrival you're directed by a series of blackboards around the back, through a gate, around the corner, up some stairs, across a roof and finally into the restaurant. Inside it's dark, full of students from Goldsmiths, food bloggers and Twitter users and, of course, the smell of burgers from the kitchen:

Meateasy - kitchen

And about those burgers, well. Here's a pic – flash required to properly illuminate the goods, sorry:

Meateasy: the food

That's about half of what we, collectively, demolished, and as you can see it was hard to keep the burgers in shot due to them becoming rapidly scoffed. I think there's another side dish under the chips, too.

I'll leave the serious reviews to serious food reviewers, but just say this: I love burgers. And I love burgers cooked quite rare and properly seasoned and ready to stuff into my face, which tends to be a problem in the UK, even in so-called gourmet places. The meateasy burger was exactly what I wanted. And, aside from the chips (meh) all the sides were great too. It's the best I've had outside the US, and if I'd picked up that bacon and beef burger in Nevada the other week I'd have been pretty damn happy. Cost's about £12 each (burger £7). Nice beer available.

So, yes, go. But go early – 7.30 and it was packed. Opening hours here.

Oh, and by the way: nice pub down the road.