Month: February 2011

Ten video tips for untrained print journalists

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geek / how to / journalism / video

The video camera: somewhat trickier to use (and harder to replace) than a biro When I started training to be a journalist digital still cameras were still new and ludicrously expensive, and even written news didn’t always go onto the web. All you had to take out and about was a biro. Since then things have changed to the point where I’m now travelling with this back-breaking pile of electronic mayhem in my bag, shooting […]

Cameron’s “complicated AV” con

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fuckwittery / politics

David Cameron, today, on the AV system: Yes, there’s a superficial simplicity in getting people to rank candidates in an order of preference… …and redistributing votes until someone gets fifty percent. But it’s a lot more complicated than that. Here’s a passage from a book detailing how the Alternative Vote system works: “As the process continues the preferences allocated to the remaining candidates may not be the second choices of those electors whose first-choice candidates […]

Summer Wars – now on Blu-ray

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Japanese / reviews

One of the best Japanese films I caught last year was Mamoru Hosoda’s Summer Wars (or, if you prefer spelling English titles out in katakana for the hell of it, サマーウォーズ), which was shown at the NFT alongside Uchuu Show e Yokoso. It’s a visually stunning film built on the contrasts between the traditional (an old family mansion in rural Japan, beautifully animated in a traditional hand-drawn style) and the ultra-modern (the 3D virtual world […]