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Make America Kittens Again – v1.2

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It’s been about four months since Make America Kittens Again went viral. In that time I’ve released a few minor updates to better target specific news websites, but this weekend sees the first major update in a while, and with it some significant changes. Custom Blocking I’ve received dozens of requests to add additional names to the list of blocking targets – to the extent that, if I’d added them all, the UI would have […]

Kitten Block: Now for iOS

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Since I published the Chrome version, the most common request I’ve received from Kitten Block users is a version for iOS. But given that Safari on iPhone and iPad devices doesn’t support desktop-style add-ons, this has never been possible – until now. With iOS 9, and subject to some limitations, noted below, Apple has made it possible to install content blockers into iOS for the first time. And so I’m pleased to announce that Kitten […]

18 Months in (mostly) cats

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I’ve had my iPhone for 18 months now, and for most of that time it’s been the best camera I’ve had to hand – so I’ve taken thousands of photos. Most of them never left the phone, but now that I’m about to take a screwdriver to it (busted headphone jack) I thought I’d rifle through and see if there’s anything worth saving. Perhaps unsurprisingly: lots of cat photos. And so, here’s 18 months in […]

How To: Turn Jimmy Wales into Business Cat

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There’s been a lot written about those Wikipedia Jimmy Wales banners. For my part, I’m just pleased that, unlike late 2010, this year’s version doesn’t use an image approximately 10bn pixels long. But if you’re getting tired of seeing Mr Wales every day – and, preferably, after you’ve donated – here’s how to replace him with Business Cat. Step One: Install Stylish for Firefox from here. Step Two: Click the Stylish icon in the toolbar. […]