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The best iOS game you’re not playing: 太鼓の達人

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If you’ve ever been in a Japanese video game arcade, there’s one machine you can’t miss: Taiko no Tatsujin (太鼓の達人), AKA the one with the two huge drums (photo above by Amy Jane Gustafson). It’s a hugely fun game, not least because it’s so simple: there are only really four things you need to learn: 1) Red blob (ドン) means “hit the drum” 2) Blue blob (カッ) means “hit the rim of the drum” 3) […]

Can you travel to Gatwick Airport using Oyster or Contactless?

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No, you can’t. If you try to visit this London airport using Transport for London’s Oyster or Contactless payments, you’ll find a line of ticket inspectors waiting to fine you – and everyone else who makes the same mistake – £20. Plus you’ll get charged a maximum fare on Oyster or Contactless for not ending your journey. And that’s despite the Gatwick website saying that both have been valid since 2014. So, watch out. It’s a […]

The Robot Reporter

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Hello. If you’re visiting this post, you’ve probably spotted @theroboreporter on Twitter. Or maybe it retweeted you, and you’ve asked why, or asked it to delete a tweet. In any case, here’s what you need to know: @theroboreporter isn’t a person, it’s software. Here’s what it does: 1) Journalists all around the world scour Twitter for images they want to republish. 2) When they find one, they tweet to the person who posted it, asking for […]