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On Satoru Iwata and magazines

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So imagine you sell an entertainment product. Ten years ago it was very popular, with millions of customers prepared to pay decent money to enjoy the product you made. These days, sales have shrunk – in part because people are getting something similar, cheaper, on smartphones and the web – and some suggest that your product might die out entirely. Sound familiar? The other day, courtesy of the 8-4 podcast, I came across this interview […]

Run for the hills – the Facebook Divorce Zombie returns

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I’ve written on a number of occasions about the fascinating-but-flawed ‘Facebook causes x% of Divorces’ story that pops up in the media every year or so.It first lurched around in 2011, and then crawled back out in January. I anxiously await the next outbreak in January 2013, summing up the results of a survey conducted online in a few months. Well, Mark Zuckerberg just got married (Mazel Tov!), which is reason enough for another outbreak. […]

How to: Remain Calm on Comment Is Free

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Comment is free, but reading below the line could cost your sanity. So here’s how to remove the temptation. I’ve now been asked a few times about a version of Kitten Block to remove below-the-line comments from news websites, and the Guardian’s Comment is Free in particular. The good news is that it’s generally very easy to zap comment areas out of existence using CSS, although you do have to do it on a per-site […]

Man bites dog. Dog buys iPad 3.

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Newsworthiness is hard to define. Web traffic is simple to measure. I wonder if the Telegraph website has run anything about the iPad 3 launch? Telegraph, 9th Feb: Apple iPad 3 announcement ‘in early March’ Technology blog The Verge, citing “people familiar with the product”, says that the new iPad will have double the screen resolution of the iPad 2 and as a result will be about one millimetre thicker. It will probably be powered […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Which tech news site is most overexcited by the iPad 3 launch?

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Last night, Apple sent out a press invitation for what will probably be the announcement of the iPad 3 on March 7th. This could be reported with something like the following: “Apple has invited journalists to an event, likely to be the launch of the iPad 3, on March 7th. The new model is likely to include a screen with twice the resolution of the older models, and a faster processor.” .. which comes to […]