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Make America Kittens Again

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It’s been a weird week. Back in February, someone* asked if I could do a Trump version of my UKIP blocking plugin. About five small code changes later, I had one in the Chrome store: By request: MAKE AMERICA KITTENS AGAIN: — Tom Royal (@tomroyal) February 27, 2016 Since then it’s been ticking along, used by only a couple of hundred people including me, and gaining a few users each day. And then, […]

Kitten Block: Now for iOS

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Since I published the Chrome version, the most common request I’ve received from Kitten Block users is a version for iOS. But given that Safari on iPhone and iPad devices doesn’t support desktop-style add-ons, this has never been possible – until now. With iOS 9, and subject to some limitations, noted below, Apple has made it possible to install content blockers into iOS for the first time. And so I’m pleased to announce that Kitten […]

How to: Remain Calm on Comment Is Free

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Comment is free, but reading below the line could cost your sanity. So here’s how to remove the temptation. I’ve now been asked a few times about a version of Kitten Block to remove below-the-line comments from news websites, and the Guardian’s Comment is Free in particular. The good news is that it’s generally very easy to zap comment areas out of existence using CSS, although you do have to do it on a per-site […]

Kitten Block 1.02b for Firefox 4 beta

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Over the past few days there has been quite a lot of interest in my Kitten Blocker for Firefox. Thanks to Martin Belam, Tom Cox, Ms Slide (site possibly NSFW, depending on where you work, I suppose) and everyone who’s shared, blogged or passed the link around on Twitter. It has now blocked well over a hundred inadvertent visits to the Mail online, and the original Tea and Kittens site just served up its 20,000th […]