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The best iPhone apps for learning Japanese

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Ever since I started to learn Japanese, I’ve done a lot of studying on the train to and from work. At first this meant carrying around home-made paper flashcards and a big English to Japanese dictionary, but these days an iPhone can replace both of those and help you do much more – there are apps for flashcards, for learning the stroke order of kanji, and even fully fledged dictionaries. I’ve downloaded and tried loads […]

Neko Ramen

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By way of an introduction, here’s a very incomplete list of things I like: Cats Ramen Armed with this information, you can probably see why a cartoon series called Neko Ramen (noodle-soup-cat – often transliterated to ‘neko rahmen’, with an ‘h’, for some reason) appeals to me. And it is quite wonderful. Here’s episode one, courtesy of a website that allows embedding – the subtitles are a bit crap, but you get the idea: The […]

Random broadband facts:

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I’m researching an article on the history of broadband. A few interesting things I’ve come across: In 2000 a 512Mbps Blueyonder connection cost £50/month In 2001 broadband accounted for less than 1% of UK internet connections. 81% were dial-up (ONS) By 2005 half of UK connections were broadband (ONS) In 2009 56% of UK households have broadband access (ONS), and the average UK connection speed is 3746Kbps (Akamai) Virgin is currently testing <200Mbps FTTC, with […]

Things advertised on right-wing US talk radio

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Yes, I’m still obsessed with internet radio. Anyhow, an incomplete list but representative sample: A school that trains postmen/women on how to avoid dog bites Enlarged prostate therapy courses (over 3,000 performed, no less) Diamond gusset jeans (website, includes godawful jingle) A treatment for itchy eyeballs (finally!) A car – with a full tank of gas, no less – for 4$ (and, presumably, a lifetime of repayments) A seminar discussing the merits of dental implants, […]

Great moments in stock photography

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“Internet ad spendings up, you say? I should probably put some clothes on and go to work” Actually, I feel the Guardian’s pain. Every so often over the last few years I’ve found myself digging through stock photo libraries looking for a photo of somebody using a notebook computer – often with the dreaded keyword “lifestyle” involved, too – and I’ve discovered a few rules: Men use notebooks up in high-rise offices. Usually three or […]