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Relationship of applicant to intended passport holder – what if it’s me?

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The new online service for renewing a UK passport is pretty simpleĀ – until you get to the form above. If you’re filling in the form for yourself, there’s no guidance on what to do with the “Relationship of applicant to intended passport holder” section – should you leave it blank, or write in “self”, or something else? Apparently, the answer is that either works: @tomroyal @GOVUK I just left that bit blank and my passport […]

Japanese cooking for the kanji-illiterate: Curry

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There are few foods as versatile as japanese curry. In Tokyo we saw it served on or with just about everything, but katsu-curry (breaded pork fillet with cury) and curry rice (yes, that’s just curry with rice) are staples of good-but-cheap food. If you want to make your own here in the UK, there are three options. Of course, you can make it from scratch. This would provide both curry and an air of smug […]

Neko Ramen

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By way of an introduction, here’s a very incomplete list of things I like: Cats Ramen Armed with this information, you can probably see why a cartoon series called Neko Ramen (noodle-soup-cat – often transliterated to ‘neko rahmen’, with an ‘h’, for some reason) appeals to me. And it is quite wonderful. Here’s episode one, courtesy of a website that allows embedding – the subtitles are a bit crap, but you get the idea: The […]

The Ferrier Estate

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Just down the road from Hither Green lies Kidbrooke, and what’s left of the Ferrier Estate. Built in the 1960s-70s, it’s now in the process of being “developed” – development, in this case, meaning knocking much of it down and starting again. Many of the buildings are now sitting empty, windows smashed out, Sky dishes aiming pointlessly up, wet curtains billowing in the wind. Plants are even beginning to grow into and over some blocks. […]

The credit crunch..

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.. and the inner workings of the global economy are explained in a splendidly blasphemous fashion by the latest episode of South Park. South Park’s official website doesn’t stream to the UK (although it’s worth trying just to see the apology they’ve put up) but you can find it online, unofficially, here. The other two episodes of the new season are worth looking out for, too – one is a timely demolition job on Disney, […]