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18 Months in (mostly) cats

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cats / photos

I’ve had my iPhone for 18 months now, and for most of that time it’s been the best camera I’ve had to hand – so I’ve taken thousands of photos. Most of them never left the phone, but now that I’m about to take a screwdriver to it (busted headphone jack) I thought I’d rifle through and see if there’s anything worth saving. Perhaps unsurprisingly: lots of cat photos. And so, here’s 18 months in […]

Around Tohoku in Two Minutes

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Japan on a Budget / photos / video

Last year I visited Tohoku – the north of the main island of Japan – with my big old camera, and took a lot of pictures. This week, Helen’s off on a trip, so I went to empty the biggest memory card I own for her – and found the 975 photos I took still sitting there in sequence. Flicking through, I noticed that they form a sort of flippad-like video – I tend to […]