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Lumos Helmet Review

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I’ve been cycling to work in London, a few times each week and 16km each way, since 2012. For about half the year, that means riding through the dark, and so I’ve become the proud owner of a large number of LED bike lights. As well as lights front and back, I’ve taken to wearing both front (a Lezyne spotlight-type) and back (an old CatEye held on with plastic tags) lights on my bike helmet […]

iPhone SE Review

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I recently traded in my somewhat worn iPhone 5S for the newer SE. Before buying I read a load of reviews, none of which answered the three questions I had. So, after about a month’s use, here they are: 1) Is it noticeably quicker than the iPhone 5S? Yes, but only in a few apps. Safari’s quicker to render some pages. Pokemon Go runs beautifully, when it was a bit laggy on the 5S. 2) Is the […]

The best iPhone apps for learning Japanese

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Ever since I started to learn Japanese, I’ve done a lot of studying on the train to and from work. At first this meant carrying around home-made paper flashcards and a big English to Japanese dictionary, but these days an iPhone can replace both of those and help you do much more – there are apps for flashcards, for learning the stroke order of kanji, and even fully fledged dictionaries. I’ve downloaded and tried loads […]

From Up on Poppy Hill – コクリコ坂から

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If you have any interest in Japanese cinema, animated or not, you don’t miss a chance to see a new film from Studio Ghibli. Last night I was lucky enough to catch a screening of コクリコ坂から (Kokkuriko Zaka Kara – From Coqueliot Hill – released as From Up on Poppy Hill), released last summer in Japan, and not due in English-speaking territories until 2013, if at all. Directed by Goro Miyazaki but with a screenplay […]

LowePro Fastpack 250 review

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I’ve just returned from reporting on Computex Taipei 2011 – another trip that means lugging all my usual reporting stuff plus a laptop, two cameras and all the gear that goes with them. This time, though, I took a secret weapon: a LowePro Fastpack 250 camera bag. Before buying it I wasn’t sure if everything would fit in, or if it would do the job. So, in case you’re looking for something similar, here’s how […]