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2012 (and 2013) London Travelcard Season Ticket Prices

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Because these are ridiculously hard, if not impossible, to find on the TFL website, I’ve put the weekly, monthly and annual costs in a spreadsheet. Edit: Now updated to show 2013 fares, which are even worse. Thanks, Boris.. Data from from a PDF letter published here. Monthly and Annual rates calculated per that document’s instructions. Thanks to Rachel H at Londonist for the link.

Twelve Months in Tech – from CES to the BJP App

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I started 2011 in Las Vegas, covering the Consumer Electronics Show and, amongst other things, attempting to record a piece to camera in front of an occasionally exploding artificial volcano (it’s all here). Since then, it’s been a fascinating, if unusual, year. A few months later I was filming a robot monkey in Taiwan (covering Computex 2011), but around the same time something even odder than that happened –  I took a temporary step away […]

Taipei in a day (and a bit)

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Once a year Taipei hosts Computex, one of the world’s biggest technology trade shows. Computex 2011 is looming on the horizon, so I went over last week to the pre-show press conference, meet some of the exhibitors and shoot this report. It’s a long way – 17 hours via Bangkok in my case – so I took the opportunity to delay my departure by a day to see the city. Throw in a few hours […]