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Mouse click event handling in Flash Actionscript 3 (AS3)

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When I first used Flash I learned to program Actionscript 2, and handling clicks on objects was easy: you could simply attach code to the movieclip or button. Today I had to do the same thing in Actionscript 3, and it’s all changed, so I thought I’d write the whole process down – from scratch, as it’s a handy first step for those new to ActionScript and Flash. Here’s how it works. First, you’ll need […]

Flash Querystrings in AC_RunActiveContent.js

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For the benefit of anyone as baffled as I was half an hour ago: if you try to pass a variable to a SWF via the Querystring (or FlashVars) and it just doesn’t work, try this. For some inexplicable reason it seems to be not covered fully in the Flash documentation. When you publish in Flash CS3, the HTML that is created looks like this (in this case the FLA is called ‘passtest’): <script language=”javascript”> […]