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Futzing with Swift and Cocoa

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I’ve never learned Objective C – my iOS stuff is written in Titanium (essentially Javascript, because anyone can play guita.. uh, write Javascript), and my personal tools for Mac are all scripts to run from Terminal. So the idea of a simpler language that could be used for both iOS and Mac OSX is pretty attractive to me. Problem is, I’ve never used Xcode, or the Cocoa libraries before. But I thought I’d give it a […]

Stuff the App Store needs to do..

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The iOS App Store really is a brilliant thing. I first learned to program way before internet access was widely available, so the options for sharing my first creations (in STOS Basic, on the Atari ST), amounted to 3.5in floppy disks – today, if you can code something you can easily distribute it to a global audience of millions. It. Is. Brilliant. But let’s not pretend that the whole affair is flawless. Over the past […]

Ah, screenshots..

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How to take a screenshot in Apple iOS: Push both buttons simultaneously How to take a screenshot in Google’s Android: Root the phone Install Screenshot It (£2.50) Use that app How to take a screenshot in Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7: Attach handset to tripod with Blu-tak Attach DSLR to another tripod Place the two 40cm apart Focus camera Darken room Adjust camera exposure Take a photo of the stupid bastard thing Put photo through Lightroom […]

How to shop in an Apple Store

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For reasons that are complicated, I’ve recently changed my work computer to a shiny new Macbook Pro. It’s very nice (8GB of memory makes everything easier), but comes with a mini DisplayPort connector that’s ideal for connecting to displays that do not exist in real life. Adding VGA (still the standard for generic meeting-room projectors) requires a £21 adapter, so today I popped out of the office to buy one. Fortunately the Regent Street Apple […]

A modest proposal..

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A quick idea inspired by facepalming at the comments on a Guardian Tech story for the umpteenth time: for any news story regarding the activities of one Apple Inc, it might be helpful to use the following form rather than any generic comments template. Online Form – Apple News Comments HTML Form Creator