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Lewisham East Candidate Expenses

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You’ve probably seen Channel 4’s report on campaigning expenses, and Zac Goldsmith’s rather bizarre attempt to ignore every rule of media training in addressing the allegations made against his campaign. In any case, once he did finally turn to the matter at hand, one of Mr Goldsmith’s key arguments seems to be that the methods he used in his campaign – apportioning a percentage of costs for signs bearing his name and face to council […]

Simon Nundy has his graph backwards

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Simon Nundy is the Conservative candidate for Mayor of Lewisham. On his website you’ll find this graph: Eagle eyed Lewisham residents will note, of course, that there was no Lewisham Mayoral election in 2008. The last was in 2006. More importantly, that election saw the Lib Dems come in second (18,889) behind Labour (25,129), with the Tory candidate languishing in third (10,790). The Green Party did pretty well, too, coming in fourth with 7168. Full […]

Vote Hunter

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Pictured: a personable but slightly dim creature with impressively fluffy hair, left, and my cat Hunter.* One of the great benefits of the internet is being able to keep in touch with political developments as they happen – whether they be the pre budget report or, yesterday morning, a GLA plenary session on transport policy. One of the great annoyances of life, on the other hand, is listening to Boris ‘bendy buses kill more cyclists’** […]

Blame game

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Worth reading as a sidebar to the post-election fallout: first this – Ana Marie Cox interviews Nicolle Wallace on the most elegant way to lie under a bus – then this, where as predicted the Republican right begins to indulge in an orgy of self destruction and blame, much of which is directed towards Ms Wallace.