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Ten video tips for untrained print journalists

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The video camera: somewhat trickier to use (and harder to replace) than a biro When I started training to be a journalist digital still cameras were still new and ludicrously expensive, and even written news didn’t always go onto the web. All you had to take out and about was a biro. Since then things have changed to the point where I’m now travelling with this back-breaking pile of electronic mayhem in my bag, shooting […]

Hacked off by statistics

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Here’s an interesting story from the Press Association, today: One in five university students have hacked into computer systems, from using someone else’s online profile to breaching internet shopping accounts, a survey has found. The idea that “One in five university students have hacked into computer systems” is pretty remarkable. Of course there’s no indication given of what the survey means by “hack”, but even assuming it’s something vague, along the lines of “bypassed some […]