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The best iPhone apps for learning Japanese

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Ever since I started to learn Japanese, I’ve done a lot of studying on the train to and from work. At first this meant carrying around home-made paper flashcards and a big English to Japanese dictionary, but these days an iPhone can replace both of those and help you do much more – there are apps for flashcards, for learning the stroke order of kanji, and even fully fledged dictionaries. I’ve downloaded and tried loads […]

Free tools for learning Hiragana

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Having finished my Japanese verb learning tool, I thought I’d make something similar for anyone studying hiragana – the first alphabet anyone learns when studying Japanese. Hiragana isn’t particularly tricky – it has around 45 basic characters, but most are quite simple – but learning them for the first time does take a lot of practice. I used loads of paper flashcards, but those are fiddly to make or expensive to buy. So with that […]

Japanese flashcards for Anki

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(UPDATE: Since making the Anki decks available I’ve also created an online tool for learning 64 basic Japanese verbs, which you can find here. If you’re looking for flashcards to learn Hiragana, I’ve created a complete set of free interactive learning tools – find them here at When I first started studying Japanese I quickly found that one of the best techniques for learning vocabulary – or, in the very first few lessons, hiragana […]

Illiterate des

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I’ve been scrawling that over and over again, lately. A few years ago, and about five years after finishing my degree, I decided that I wanted to learn something again. I figured a language would be more useful than anything else and working in technology there were only really two useful choices: some sort of Chinese, most likely Mandarin, and Japanese. Knowing nothing much about China or Chinese culture, and being an avid consumer of […]