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What the Robot Reporter learned from 10,000 news tweets

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In January 2015 I put together a simple twitterbot called Robot Reporter. The idea was to see if I could keep track of breaking news by monitoring Twitter for the journalists who use it as a way to find images of newsworthy events. It works a little like this. Something happens, and a user photographs it: Fire at Resorts World Casino / Aqueduct! @ABC7NY — J.Barnes (@JBar387) May 15, 2016 A journalist spots that tweet, and […]


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From the Telegraph, yesterday (I’m not linking). Online journalism checklist: Apple and/or iPad angle to get the Google traffic? Check. Related to something that has happened recently? Check. Sense of perspective in light of huge tragedy? (Awkward silence) Because this is a rare example of shockingly angry-making journalism that falls under my work remit, I’ve written about it on the magazine blog, here: Because some things are clearly more important than the iPad.

Facebook news: divorced from the facts

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Everyone loves a good Facebook news story – or rather, a bad one. And over the past few days, a classic has emerged: Facebook will wreck your marriage. See for example: Facebook cited in 20% of U.S. divorces (CBC News): “Facebook use has been cited in 1 of 5 U.S. divorce cases, according to a recent survey among American marriage lawyers.” Facebook Linked to More Divorces (Consumer Affairs): “The source of this observation is the […]

Ten video tips for untrained print journalists

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The video camera: somewhat trickier to use (and harder to replace) than a biro When I started training to be a journalist digital still cameras were still new and ludicrously expensive, and even written news didn’t always go onto the web. All you had to take out and about was a biro. Since then things have changed to the point where I’m now travelling with this back-breaking pile of electronic mayhem in my bag, shooting […]