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“Butts’ Historical Guide to Lewisham, Ladywell, Lee, Blackheath and Eltham”

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The British Library today released over one million images into the Flickr Commons. Among them, the cover of this book, from 1878. It’s a kind of general guide to the Lewisham-Lee-Blackheath-Eltham area, taking in the shops, streets, churches and notable past residents, and if you live in the area it’s quite fascinating to read of a time when a stroll from Lee to Blackheath would take in gaslit roads lined with “numerous villa residences of […]

The Lewisham Riot

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So, about the riot: I saw tweets suggesting it at 8am. I saw the BBM messages encouraging it at 4pm. By the time I got home, there was a police cordon around most of Lewisham. Shops in Hither Green were shut. On Manor Park, a group of kids (really, kids) swaggered with a huge bottle of Pimms. I wondered where the hell they’d got that from. When I got to the A20, I saw which […]

Hither Green in the news, 1893-1984

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The Borough of Lewisham WW2 Memorial, Hither Green Cemetery, erected 1951 One great, unknown benefit of living in Lewisham is membership of the Lewisham Library service. It’s free, and besides allowing you to borrow books the card also gets you access to a load of online resources: being a professional wordmonkey I particularly like having access to the OED Online, but there’s also the ODNB, Britannica and more – click here for the list. And […]

Simon Nundy has his graph backwards

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Simon Nundy is the Conservative candidate for Mayor of Lewisham. On his website you’ll find this graph: Eagle eyed Lewisham residents will note, of course, that there was no Lewisham Mayoral election in 2008. The last was in 2006. More importantly, that election saw the Lib Dems come in second (18,889) behind Labour (25,129), with the Tory candidate languishing in third (10,790). The Green Party did pretty well, too, coming in fourth with 7168. Full […]