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Lumos Helmet Review

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I’ve been cycling to work in London, a few times each week and 16km each way, since 2012. For about half the year, that means riding through the dark, and so I’ve become the proud owner of a large number of LED bike lights. As well as lights front and back, I’ve taken to wearing both front (a Lezyne spotlight-type) and back (an old CatEye held on with plastic tags) lights on my bike helmet […]

Celebrating the New Year with my head in a fridge

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New Year’s Eve was all going terribly well until, at about 7pm, the fridge (a Samsung RL33SBSW, for anyone Googling) started making an extremely loud mechanical buzzing sound. We stood and watched it for a minute or so, as if hoping that it’d rethink its timing and resume working, but the only change was four of its five lights beginning to blink in an obstinate “No, I’m really breaking down NOW” kind of way. As […]