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On Satoru Iwata and magazines

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So imagine you sell an entertainment product. Ten years ago it was very popular, with millions of customers prepared to pay decent money to enjoy the product you made. These days, sales have shrunk – in part because people are getting something similar, cheaper, on smartphones and the web – and some suggest that your product might die out entirely. Sound familiar? The other day, courtesy of the 8-4 podcast, I came across this interview […]

On text on the iPad

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Since the launch of the newer, shinier iPad, some people are unhappy with iPad magazines. Here’s an example that’s been floating around Twitter: One of the limitations of The New Yorker app for iOS becomes even more apparent while reading on the new iPad’s high resolution retina display. I’ve noticed in the past that the first few articles (Talk of the Town, etc.) in each issue are text selectable and therefore able to be copied, […]


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Photo: Oak Ridge, taken by Ed Clark for Life Magazine in 1945. Details here. Since visiting the Cold War Modern exhibit I’ve been looking for more information on the American National Exhibition held in Moscow in 1959. So far I’ve turned up depressingly little that I didn’t already know, but I did stumble back into Google’s Life Magazine archive. When it was launched a few months back I vaguely noted that this project sounded interesting. […]

Cat fame, again

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Furthering their attempts to take over the world, and branching out from previous appearances in magazines published by Dennis, Hunter and Ralph will soon be invading a WH Smiths near you in the CA Ultimate Guide to Easy Website Building. Check them out – and enjoy a special guest appearance by Boris the Myspace Panda – on pages 13 and 14. Oh, and there’s advice on website building, too. Well worth £6, if I say […]