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What the Robot Reporter learned from 10,000 news tweets

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In January 2015 I put together a simple twitterbot called Robot Reporter. The idea was to see if I could keep track of breaking news by monitoring Twitter for the journalists who use it as a way to find images of newsworthy events. It works a little like this. Something happens, and a user photographs it: Fire at Resorts World Casino / Aqueduct! @ABC7NY — J.Barnes (@JBar387) May 15, 2016 A journalist spots that tweet, and […]

Japanese TV in the UK: JSTV-i

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In the past I’ve written about using iOS apps to help study Japanese, and I even ended up writing my own Kanji flashcard app. But lately I’ve been trying something a bit different to help absorb vocabulary and the patterns of informal speech: watching a load of Japanese TV. And, as there’s not much information online about how to do this when you’re in the UK, I thought I’d jot down a review of sorts. […]

The Buzzfeedification of Bullshit

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Hey, heard the one about the Ugandan President’s daughter? She’s trending on Twitter, and for the best possible reason – right after her father backed some really hideous homophobic laws, she came out as gay. Except, you know, she didn’t. Ten seconds on Google tells you that Diana Kamuntu is, or at least was, married to a guy. She could have divorced him and then come out, of course, but when the sole original source […]

When bad news makes money, making up bad news is good business

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The other day a message scrolled past in my Twitter feed: Which made me think: if the sea off Fukushima really were boiling, I’m pretty sure we would have heard about it. Except if there were some sort of amazing cover-up, in which case why would NHK (which is, essentially, the Japanese BBC) be showing pictures? Doesn’t make sense. But a quick search showed that the photo was being shared left, right and centre – […]

Run for the hills – the Facebook Divorce Zombie returns

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I’ve written on a number of occasions about the fascinating-but-flawed ‘Facebook causes x% of Divorces’ story that pops up in the media every year or so.It first lurched around in 2011, and then crawled back out in January. I anxiously await the next outbreak in January 2013, summing up the results of a survey conducted online in a few months. Well, Mark Zuckerberg just got married (Mazel Tov!), which is reason enough for another outbreak. […]