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On Republicanism, and kicking puppies

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This Sunday I attended the Jubilee Protest, organised by the Republic campaign for a democratic alternative to the monarchy in the UK. And so this week I have had, on a couple of occasions, been asked to explain just why I support the Republican movement (no relation to the GOP). This is actually rather difficult, because: A) If you believe that the monarchy is fundamentally undemocratic, and you’re asked why, it’s a little like being […]

Cameron’s “complicated AV” con

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David Cameron, today, on the AV system: Yes, there’s a superficial simplicity in getting people to rank candidates in an order of preference… …and redistributing votes until someone gets fifty percent. But it’s a lot more complicated than that. Here’s a passage from a book detailing how the Alternative Vote system works: “As the process continues the preferences allocated to the remaining candidates may not be the second choices of those electors whose first-choice candidates […]

The Defenders

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While waiting for the film to start yesterday we had a rifle through the south bank book market outside the NFT, and I came across this. It’s from early 1953 and contains one of Philip K Dick’s earliest published short stories – it’s listed seventh in my rather battered copy of Beyond Lies the Wub, which is a must-buy if you like his stuff. The cover art is by Ed Emshwiller. The story (or ‘novelet’, […]

Cowboys and Indians

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A recommendation: last night I switched on the TV half way through Rich Hall’s documentary “How the West was Lost” on BBC4. It was fantastic – a look at the frontier mythology and its importance in the American psyche as well as a timeline of western films and how they are informed by / reflect / relate to the politics of the era. It’s apparently not yet on iPlayer, but if it does show up […]