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Lumos Helmet Review

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I’ve been cycling to work in London, a few times each week and 16km each way, since 2012. For about half the year, that means riding through the dark, and so I’ve become the proud owner of a large number of LED bike lights. As well as lights front and back, I’ve taken to wearing both front (a Lezyne spotlight-type) and back (an old CatEye held on with plastic tags) lights on my bike helmet […]

iPhone SE Review

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I recently traded in my somewhat worn iPhone 5S for the newer SE. Before buying I read a load of reviews, none of which answered the three questions I had. So, after about a month’s use, here they are: 1) Is it noticeably quicker than the iPhone 5S? Yes, but only in a few apps. Safari’s quicker to render some pages. Pokemon Go runs beautifully, when it was a bit laggy on the 5S. 2) Is the […]

Letter to Momo – ももへの手紙

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(Very mild spoilers ahead.) It’s necessary to point out immediately that the plot of Letter to Momo (ももへの手紙 – Momo e no Tegami) will sound more than a little familiar: a child, whose parent is suddenly absent, moves to the countryside with the other parent. While they are absent, working, she meets a mystical creature who, when a terrible event befalls her, saves the day by calling in a kind of spirit-vehicle. Yes, you’ve seen […]

LowePro Fastpack 250 review

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I’ve just returned from reporting on Computex Taipei 2011 – another trip that means lugging all my usual reporting stuff plus a laptop, two cameras and all the gear that goes with them. This time, though, I took a secret weapon: a LowePro Fastpack 250 camera bag. Before buying it I wasn’t sure if everything would fit in, or if it would do the job. So, in case you’re looking for something similar, here’s how […]

Norwegian Wood (ノルウェイの森)

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A few people have asked, so here’s a review of sorts: if you love the book, should you see the film? Two disclaimers up front: I’m no film expert, just an idiot with a history of low-rent literary criticism. Your level of agreement may vary. Also, I’m focusing purely on the perspective of those who know the book. If you haven’t read it, please stop here as I am going to spoil it in a […]