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Taipei, 4am December 1st

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I’ve been meaning to try shooting a timelapse for some a while now, and even bought an Arduino in order to make an IR intervalometer for the Nikon D80 (although that got tied up in the on-the-back-burner mousebot project). Awake in Taipei at 4am and with a 720P camera to hand, though, I set it up on a tripod and recorded this. It’s around three hours of video, shrunk down to just over a minute.

Taipei in a day (and a bit)

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Once a year Taipei hosts Computex, one of the world’s biggest technology trade shows. Computex 2011 is looming on the horizon, so I went over last week to the pre-show press conference, meet some of the exhibitors and shoot this report. It’s a long way – 17 hours via Bangkok in my case – so I took the opportunity to delay my departure by a day to see the city. Throw in a few hours […]