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Hither Green in the news, 1893-1984

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The Borough of Lewisham WW2 Memorial, Hither Green Cemetery, erected 1951 One great, unknown benefit of living in Lewisham is membership of the Lewisham Library service. It’s free, and besides allowing you to borrow books the card also gets you access to a load of online resources: being a professional wordmonkey I particularly like having access to the OED Online, but there’s also the ODNB, Britannica and more – click here for the list. And […]

Live Southeastern Train Map

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Inspired by the triumpth that is the Live map of London Underground trains, I thought I’d knock something similar up for fellow customers (er, “sufferers”) of Southeastern Trains. And here it is! Key to symbols is as follows: A) Hither Green Station, although it could be pretty much any other station on the line 1) Train cancelled due to snow, hot weather, breakdowns, the gravitational pull of the moon  (delete as applicable). 2) Shortened train […]