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Tea and Kittens

For the removal of stress in office environments


Welcome to Tea and Kittens. We launched back in August 2010 with one simple aim: to remove stress from your life through the application of kitten photos. Since then, we've added a few more things, which you'll find here.

Banish the Daily Mail with Kitten Block

The Daily Mail and Daily Express can be hard to avoid online, especially if you follow shortened links from Twitter. So we made Kitten Block - a browser plugin that redirects any visits to these websites to a calming picture of kittens.

It's available free for Chrome and Firefox.

Submitten a Kitten?

We always welcome more kitten photos - all images are fully credited with a name and linkback, using either Creative Commons or 'By Permission'. If you have a kitten that you'd like to see here, please email it to teaandkittens - at -

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