Things I Made

I learned to program using STOS Basic on the Atari ST, and have been creating inconsequential things for computers ever since. I currently write a lot of PHP, JS, jQuery and Titanium for iOS. I’m also futzing around with Swift as a way of creating apps for OSX.

My professional work is all web services developed for MN Digital Media and our clients. Personal projects include:

Browser Plugins:

  • Make America Kittens Again (link) – removes Donald Trump from the internet, but sadly not the real world. As featured everywhere, and currently at around 45,000 users.
  • Kitten Block for Firefox (link), Chrome (link) – Prevents access to the Daily Mail and Daily Express, with over 5,000 users! As featured in the Guardian and New Statesman (sample comment: “this is typical of the fascist left”).
  • Wedding Block for Chrome ( – For the Royal Wedding, 2011. As featured in Time. No, really.
  • Ukitten – a way to block Nigel Farage’s stupid face, and stupid politics, from your life. As featured on Buzzfeed and others, and with about 3,000 users.

WordPress Plugins:

  • Stop Registration Spam (link) – A simple plugin to prevent spam registrations by amending the default WordPress registration form.

On the iPhone (all now off-sale):

  • Japanese Verbs – Flashcard app to teach the conjugation of 45 everyday verbs in hiragana; full download and free-with-upgrade versions available.
  • Jidoushi Intransitive Verbs – Flashcard app to teach jidoushi/tadoushi (intransitive/transitive) verb pairs in hiragana, free app with paid upgrade.
  • Simple Kanji Flashcards – learn kanji in the order commonly taught outside Japan

On the Web:

  • Tea and Kittens ( – A website showing, er, pictures of tea and kittens. As you might have guessed.
  • SE Railway Consultation ( – The Department for Transport didn’t bother to make a simple way for people to respond to this process, so I did. Fat lot of good it did, but hey.

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