Things I Made

I learned to program using STOS Basic on the Atari ST, and have been creating inconsequential things for computers ever since.

My professional work comprises of backend web services developed for MN Digital Media and our clients. My personal projects include:

Browser Plugins:

  • Make America Kittens Again (link) – removes Donald Trump from the internet, but sadly not the real world. As featured everywhere, and currently at around 55,000 users.
  • Kitten Block for Firefox (link), Chrome (link) – Prevents access to the Daily Mail and Daily Express, with over 5,000 users! As featured in the Guardian and New Statesman (sample comment: “this is typical of the fascist left”).
  • Wedding Block for Chrome – For the Royal Wedding, 2011. As featured in Time. No, really.
  • Ukitten – a way to block Nigel Farage’s stupid face, and stupid politics, from your life. As featured on Buzzfeed and others, and with about 3,000 users.

WordPress Plugins:

  • Stop Registration Spam (link) – A simple plugin to prevent spam registrations by amending the default WordPress registration form.

On the iPhone (all now off-sale):

  • Japanese Verbs – Flashcard app to teach the conjugation of 45 everyday verbs in hiragana; full download and free-with-upgrade versions available.
  • Jidoushi Intransitive Verbs – Flashcard app to teach jidoushi/tadoushi (intransitive/transitive) verb pairs in hiragana, free app with paid upgrade.
  • Simple Kanji Flashcards – learn kanji in the order commonly taught outside Japan

On the Web:

  • Tea and Kittens ( – A website showing, er, pictures of tea and kittens. As you might have guessed.
  • SE Railway Consultation ( – The Department for Transport didn’t bother to make a simple way for people to respond to this process, so I did. Fat lot of good it did, but hey.

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